World Domination Summit

I'm off to the World Domination Summit tomorrow. Excited to see all the speakers and hang out with the other 3,000 people that will be there. Going to learn a lot, and use this to make live. minimalist. even better! Be minimal, ... View Full Post

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Welcome to live. minimalist.

Hi, and welcome to the live. minimalist. blog. This is my first post. We are three CPAs and one super organized mom of four active boys. We don't have all the answers about living a better life through minimalism, but our goal is to share our professional and personal experiences that work for us. From managing money, investing, technology tools, and advice on practical ways to do things better. The end goal is to look at all aspects of life from a more minimalist perspective. Things don't have to be so hard. Keeping life simple is always our goal. ... View Full Post

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